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All About   TexRock Industries, LLC

Of all the naturally forming rocks in this world, there is perhaps none that is as versatile as limestone, especially in a crushed and screened form. It’s really no wonder, then, that so many contractors throughout a wide range of industries are interested in using crushed limestone to complete their various projects.

TexRock Industries, LLC mining operations was founded in April 2012. Our Limestone Quarry is located on the Historical Stephens County Landmark, Moon Ranch, at 211 County Road 182 (formerly known as Moon Ranch Road), in Breckenridge, Texas.

Our primary objective is to provide quality product at the most cost-effective, affordable prices with customer service being our top priority.

We offer a variety of products such as Limestone, Sandstone, Palo Pinto, Moss and Colored Rock cut and crushed to fit your project needs:

  • Road Base/Crusher Run - Blend of gravel 1 1/2" in size used in many applications as a compaction material often under concrete slabs and roads.
  • Oversize Rock - Between 4″ to 6″; this rock is ideal for use as a base for driveways or to stiffen up soft spots.
  • Chat / QP / DGA Rock - Rock/Dust mixture. Chat can be used to improve traction. A more common use is as gravel; and as construction aggregate, principally for railroad ballast, highway construction, and concrete production.
  • 2" minus Screened Rock - This rock is screened to rid most of the fine dust and is typically used as a deep base to support a finer top layer of gravel.
  • Landscape Rock - Accent Rock and Pebbles are great in scenic landscapes such as rock gardens and water features.
  • Boulders - Large decorative Limestone, Sandstone, Moss and Palo Pinto Rock that can be used to create natural edging or retaining walls, build up for ponds, waterfalls, walls and a great accent for rock gardens and flower beds or edging for a rustic fire pit.
We offer decorative features like MOSS ROCK and coming soon .......COLOR ROCK.

For ideas, inspiration and advice on making plans for using limestone throughout your landscape or throughout your home, contact our specialists here at TexRock Industries. We’re happy to answer questions you may have and to help you complete your dream home without putting you over budget.

Browse our Website and use our convenient "Get A Quote" button, or call us for more information, directions to our location or assistance and pricing on your projects at (254) 559-0534 or use the convenient c"Call Us" button at top of this page. We are here to assist you.



Limestone is a versatile natural forming rock.

The most popular use of limestone is as a crushed product known as Crusher Run (more commonly known as Road Base) by Construction Contractors. The material is preferable to soil because it isn’t prone to shifting, settling or erosion. It is popular in projects such as loose-fill roads, base & sub-base filler for road systems such as highways, rural roads, buildings and railroad construction. 

Limestone is also used to make cement, and is the primary ingredient of concrete. 

Homeowners benefits of limestone in the construction of their homes include strength and durability, it is readily available so less expensive than some other stones, easy to work with, weather resistant and comes in a variety of sizes unlike common brick which is uniform in size. Homeowners may also choose to use Limestone Road Base as base layer in construction beneath concrete or asphalt in the construction of their driveways.

Many products made from or using limestone that consume a small volume of material include poultry grit, terrazzo, glass, air pollution sorbents, mine safety dust, animal food supplements, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and blast furnace flux, among others.

In the purest form, limestone is used to make agricultural lime for fertilizer and in the chemical industry for acid neutralization and blast furnace flux.